Tassels, Trims, and Tapes Oh My!

By February 24, 2017Accessories, Design Trends
What was old becomes new again; not only in fashion, but in home decor as well.  People used to associate passementerie with their grandparents home that hadn’t been touched in 30 years. So, in turn, they went the opposite direction to cleaner edges, straight lines, and nofrills design. However, the frills are back and they are better than ever. They are not the burgundy, forest green and harvest gold colors that the current generation saw in their past. The new trimmings are coming in brighter colors and bolder patterns that society has grown to love.
So how can folks start slow and incorporate this re-emerging design style? 
Throw pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to test this new craze to see if it is something one wants to incorporate in a bigger way. Putting tassels on the corners, pom poms around the edges,and decorative tapes to frame out different shapes is a good start to incorporating this design movement.
Once you have dipped your toes in the shallow-end of this trend, it is time to tackle the window treatments. A lead edge banding with a decorative tape can step up the excitement of any fabric.
If one is really confident in their trimming abilities, the next leap is furniture. This bold statement by Dana Gibson for Stroheim shows a drool worthy club chair with a midnight furniture fringe. (Photo Credit to Stroheim Fabrics) 
So don’t be afraid to add the jewelry to your home and punch up your home decor with Tassels, Trims, and Tapes (oh my!).

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