When my friend Amber called me in the middle of the week, I thought it could only be for one of two things:

1. My daughter had said something absurd to her entire Sunday school class, or

2. I had forgotten, again, to pay for our last photography session.

Both were very good possibilities, but shockingly, neither were the reason for her call that day.

Grace While We Wait

I could hear the excitement in her voice as she told me all about her friend, Jessica Satterfield, the author of the blog Grace While We Wait. She told me a very condensed version of what this beautiful woman had gone through in her pursuit to be a mother. Amber, knowing that I too had struggled with issues becoming a mother, thought to call me with a brilliant idea she had cooked up. Jessica had been discussing an office makeover for herself, and had been seeking advice from Amber on how to complete this room.

Amber, who is very creative and talented herself, called me to see if I would be interested in surprising Jessica with an office makeover. Once I got just a taste of the type of woman Jessica was, I was on board!



With a few pictures of the space, no measurements, and no way to get into the house undetected, we were flying blind! Luckily, Jessica decided to move forward painting this room, and had her brother build her a desk shortly before her husband took her away for an anniversary trip; our short window to put this surprise together. 

Reupholstered desk chair
Neutral, glam pillows


The day they left, Amber, Annie and I descended on Jessica’s house and started working feverishly, (also quietly because the kids were sleeping)! In a few short hours we were able to reupholster a desk chair, place a new rug, add some gold bins and side tables for a little glam, hang art on the walls, re-arrange furniture, hang draperies, add accessories and pillows!


We had little time, a small budget, and no specs of this room prior to showing up to complete it. I am really excited to show you how it turned out and hope you are as well! If you want to read some beautiful and inspiring blogs please check out Amber’s Blog Restless Arrow and Jessica’s Blog Grace While We Wait!

Wall Accessories
Comfortable home office and quiet space

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