This task seems so simple, yet I am hired on a weekly basis to come out to client’s homes to do this for them. It is not to pick paint colors, it is not to overhaul an entire room or build a whole house. It is to style their spaces. Accessorize. They have the main bones: a beautiful couch and some chairs that fit just right. The real struggle is to bring it all together with accessories. Making a space look finished can be the hardest part.

For those of you who would like to tackle this job by yourself, I have provided a guide to styling your side tables, sofa tables, bedside tables, etc. Any space you need to complete the look and the functionality of your space!

First things first.. You need at least 3 of the following items on this list: 


Books or Magazines. Surely you have some of these lying around, right? If not, I guess go on down the list!

Statement Lamp. Ok, some people have a lamp, but do you have one that screams AWESOME?? I do!! It is my Emperor Lamp and it screams powerful, yet whimsical, demanding attention on the table and the entire room.

Emperor Lamp
Scented Candle

Candles. I have become obsessed with candles; the scented ones, the striped ones, the shaped ones. Whatever floats your boat, these fun things can provide scents, ambiance, and even a little fun!

Pictures or Artwork. Don’t have any recent family photos? No worries, just put an awesome piece of art on those tables. It does not have to be big, and it does not have to be expensive, but adding some visual interest can finish off the look of a side table quite nicely.


Beautiful Blooms (or at least something that looks natural). If you don’t have the time or the energy to go and get fresh flowers every week, try a succulent. They live forever, and supposedly are nearly impossible to kill (although I have proven the experts wrong on several occasions).

Floral arrangement


Something Natural. Weather it is driftwood, agate, or coral, bring something natural into your accessories. These elements will bring texture, interest, and ground your space with some natural elements.


Storage. Depending on what you are styling, make sure these spaces are functional as well with some type of storage solution. Great options include a place to put remotes in your living room, a charging station in a guest room, or a trinket tray to store jewelry.

Beverage tray

A few other tips when styling those flat surfaces:

      –Create layers. In height and in depth, layers always add interest, and no one is interested by a flat, one-plane surface.

      – Pop in some color. If your entire room is white and grey, here is the place to pop the pale pinks, the seafoam greens or ocean blues. Even if you are not the color junkie that I am, there needs to be a focal point in every room, and this is a great way to capture that.

       – Play with scales. Just because you have a small table, does not mean you need a tall and skinny lamp. The contrast in body style of elements keeps your spaces interesting, and looks professionally styled.

This should be fun! Get to it, and show us how you style your tables! If this still seems daunting, call us for a 2-hour styling consult, and we will take all of your belongings and make your spaces beautiful!

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