When the phone rings in mid-January, It is usually a great sign, during our “dead-time” client calls are always a blessing. This January however, was exceptionally busy. Along with several long running projects still in full gear, we brought on two new employees to help with the madness around here! The not so slow time of the year became even crazier with a request unlike one I have ever tackled.   It was the Southern Home & Garden Show coordinator, calling me explaining that in just 6 short weeks they were putting on the largest home and garden show in the upstate of South Carolina, and they desperately needed someone to come in and design the interior of a mock pool house to give their patrons a glimpse of the possibilities that could appear in their back yard.

My first thought was how honored I was to even be asked, my second thought was “I can’t say no” and my third thought was how the heck am I going to pull this off with everything else I have going on right now? Anyone who has ever met me knows very well that the words “ can’t” and “impossible” are not necessarily in my vocabulary. For some reason, I tend to blurt out yes, then stay up all night figuring out what the heck I got myself into!

After the shock and regret subsided, I jumped into trying to put a design together that was not only possible in a short time frame, but also showed everyone who stepped into my space what Dwell Chic was capable of producing.

Not having a specific client I was working for made this job a little easier. I could work with some of my favorite items, and introduce a few trends that I have been drawn to, but not able to execute.

I found a fabulous upholstery fabric that was Kelly green and full of other bright colors and used that as my jumping off point. The fabric was so playful, it was easy to find a coordinating stripe to have some antique cane back chairs covered in. The Black and white curtain fabric I had had laying around for almost 2 years just waiting for the right time to pull it out.

Purple Sink in pool house bar

One of my favorite elements of this design was the purple sink. I had been eyeing this beautiful sink company for sometime now, just waiting for the right opportunity to use their products. Often times people are scared to use something so bold without first seeing it installed. With this installation, we had a ton of buzz and people asking where they could find colorful plumbing fixtures like that.

When the space was done, I was pretty proud of what my new team had been able to accomplish in just 6 weeks. Custom upholstery, Custom Drapery, multiple rugs, artwork, Cabinetry, Installation, accessorizing.

Since we did not have a client taking all of this furniture home, we do have a warehouse full of gently used items, and are offering them at a great discount. Email Annemarie@dwellchic.com for more information or pricing on any of the items you see here.

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