The Sanctuary: Your Master Bedroom

What is the most important room in your house? What room do you spend the most time in? For most people, these are two entirely different rooms. As a Mother, who up until recently worked from home, I can tell you that the most important room in your home should be the master bedroom. You might think, “no one goes in there but me, the kids need so much more than I do”. For those of you who do not say your master is the most important room in your home, I am here to tell you that it is!

The master bedroom is your sanctuary. It is a place for you to escape the world, it is your rest and relaxation, though it may feel like you don’t always get enough. It is your chance at a little peace.

I love working with clients on their master bedrooms! We don’t have to worry about what everyone else thinks! We can do all whites and creams because: WHY NOT?! The kids shouldn’t be hanging out on the furniture in there anyway! We can do casual, glamorous, serene and completely impractical or practical layouts. Window treatments are a must in a master.

Here are a few tips on how to get your master bedroom up to the relaxation standard you deserve:

Start with a deep clean. We all need this in our whole house, but I don’t just mean vacuuming and Windex-ing. Remove all the clutter; clean out every drawer and nightstand in your room. Get the carpets cleaned, and make sure you get your sleeping place clean and tidy! The chaos of the day does not need to follow into your nighttime relaxation.

Check your mattress. If your mattress is over 10 years old, it is time for a new mattress. If your mattress is less than 10 years old, you should make sure it is clean, and have it inspected for bed bugs. If you’ve never had this done, call your local Terminix to get a free consultation. They will eliminate any visible bugs and treat your linens, beds and furniture to terminate any hidden issues! The last thing you want in your Zen place are little creatures lurking.

Master bedroom mattress
Hotel Collection bed sheets

Colors. Keep in mind what colors evoke which emotions in the human brain. I always suggest using less vibrant, more muted colors to help with the relaxation at night time.

Get new bedding. Most of us do not launder our bedding as often as we should (once a week is recommended). Even the highest quality linens can begin to show signs of wear in 3-4 years. If that is the case, it is time to treat-yo-self! I promise you will wrap yourself in new sheets more often than you will wear that fabulous pair of Louboutin heels, so make sure you buy the good ones!

Window Treatments are key. They need to be beautiful and functional. If you are anything like me, you haven’t been able to sleep past 7 am in a while. When those days do come, though, blackout lined draperies are worth every penny we put in to keep the sunlight out!

Lighting should not be forgotten. What?? Did we not just discuss keeping this room as dark as possible?! The simple answer is yes, of course we did, but lighting is also very important for tasks such as reading or seeing where you are going when your partner is sleeping. I suggest that you have both ambient and task lighting in your master bedroom. For more information on these types of light please check out another one of our other blog posts:

Window Treatments

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