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By March 9, 2017Outdoor Decor

With the beginning of March upon us, South Carolinians can only think of one thing: Spring! We are sick of being cooped up (in beautifully designed homes) all winter long, wondering what we are going to get when we walk outside. Will it be 75? Will it be 35? We have no idea, and the suspense is killing us!

Black Wicker Chair with Yellow upholstery fabric

Black Wicker Chair with Yellow upholstery fabric

So, what’s next? We need to shake off these winter blues and start focusing on our outdoor spaces, and how we are going to live outside in the beautiful weather we have coming in March and April.  Just because we are outside does not mean we have to rough it! With the rise in outdoor fabrics, rugs and furniture, we are seeing the most comfortable aspects of our indoor living areas coming together in one awesome, and beautiful outdoor living space.

Where do we start? With the basics—color and pattern. Always start with something you love. Outdoor fabric youve g

Iron outdoor hanging lantern

Iron outdoor hanging lantern

otta have? Three season rug that is TO DIE FOR? Does a swinging daybed tickle your fancy? Pick your love, obsession or poison, and now you have your starting point. For this screened in porch, a neutral color pallet was chosen, leaving the greenery blooming outside to provide the vibrant spring hues.

A few protips to keep in mind when investing in your outdoor living area:
1.     Invest in the furniture bases, you can always change the cushions and rugs. Iron and wood will last longer than soft-goods like cushions and rugs.
2.     Mother Nature is as unpredictable as a two-year-old in a library: know that what you put outside could last 10 years, or maybe it could last two. If you decide to invest in beautiful cushions and rugs, make sure to pick them up if the weather starts to take a turn for the worse or at least purchase furniture covers.
3.     In order to keep your soft goods longer, flip your cushions and rotate your rugs every couple of years so they wear evenly.

4.     Enjoy your time outside! It will be blistering heat before you know it!

Black Iron Dining Chair with upholstered cushion

You can keep your upholstery neutral colors, but add pattern for some excitement

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