One Room Challenge Week 2 Project

Well now that we have seen the room, the next thing we need to develop is the plan for the project!

The first thing we needed was the color of the countertops so we could have a jumping off point. For this powder room, we are using a remnant from the laundry room to keep costs in check. We selected a marble for the laundry room called Alabama White. While white is a common choice for countertops, it also does not limit the design choices we can make to glam up this project.

After we selected the counter tops, our next step was the walls. I wanted this powder room to have a “wow” factor and luckily my clients agreed. We selected a big bold wallpaper from Thibaut. It has a beautiful geometric pattern that would really capture the eye.

Because we have white countertops and black and crème wallpaper, you know we are not going neutral on the cabinets, right? If you have ever seen a design of mine you know that I rarely stop with one bold element. I have to incorporate at least two! The second showstopper had to be the cabinetry color. We approached the client with a bold Kelly Green, and luckily, she was as giddy as we are to see this cabinet painted so boldly!

The next decision to be made was plumbing fixtures. When I say next decision, I mean we have to get this part done as soon as possible. Plumbing fixtures usually take at least two weeks to come in, and that is if they are in stock. We need to make sure we pick smart and order quickly! We pulled two different options in two different finishes to present to the client. I secretly had my favorite selected, the gold, duh! Luckily, I am not the only one who is blinded by shiny objects!

In order to really get this room to look larger, we need a much larger mirror. The vanity and wall space are big enough to support this look, so I am in the market for a big glamorous mirror fitting for my clients to properly powder their noses! I stumbled upon this gem, and knew my clients (and me) had to have it!

The light fixture we selected reminds me of “old Hollywood glam meets modern fun. I love everything about it, and with our gold and black well on our way, it complements our design without distracting from some other awesome elements of this design.

We still have a long way to go to get this project completed. We have plumbers, painters, countertop installers, wallpaper hangers, electricians, plumbers again and our accessorizing to do in just a short 6, strike that we are down to 5 weeks!! Now that we have the plan, it is time to start the demo.

Good news…wallpaper and mirror are both available to purchase through our website!

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