One Room Challenge

This will not be the first time I have started a blog discussing my attempt to participate in the One Room Challenge. Last year around this same time I was bound and determined to enter into this fun group, and show what I can do! Unfortunately, I had a bigger challenge arrive in the middle of my participation. I moved Dwell Chic from a home based business into a showroom, and that was a huge challenge that required the design of more than one room.

This year in an effort to ensure I finish this one room challenge, I am going to be featuring a client’s home.  This should be very interesting to follow along because it is not all my discretion what is done.  I have 2 clients that live in this home, and have very different design aesthetics.

We are working on several spaces in their home, but I am most excited about their powder room. I believe this will be the largest transformation that we witness in the house. I love a powder room because it is a small enclosed space and clients always seem to be up for going a little more bold in their selections (or allowing me to do so!). Wallpaper is always on the table, fancy sinks, and crazy paint colors!  It is a small room; so why not?

When I first met with my clients, I knew we were going to hit it off immediately! This mother/daughter combo had a house full of antiques and a penchant for color and pattern. They were both ready to spruce up some beige walls and get their house turned into their home.  We had Pinterest boards set and open minds ready to make a great design together.

So let’s talk the powder room….

 It is not a huge space, but most powder rooms are not. This one especially just looks like no thought has been put into the design. All function and no fun. White on white on white on beige can work, but in this case does not.

We decided early on that we were going to take a remnant piece of granite that we are using for the kitchen and laundry room, and bring it into the powder room, so new sink and faucet are a must! Because we have the hardwood floors from the main living area running into the powder room, we are not able to change the cabinetry without re-doing the floors, so we took that off the list.

Our jumping off point is the existing cabinetry and the countertops we selected for the laundry room. Other than that we have created a list of decisions that must be made with only six short weeks to do it!

Paint Deck
  1. Sink selection

  2. Cabinetry color

  3. Faucet selection

  4. Mirror selection

  5. Light fixture

  6. Cabinetry hardware

  7. Wallcovering

  8. Trim color

  9. Accessory selection

Sounds easy right? Follow along and see what we come up with!

One Room Challenge

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