Not Your Grandmother’s Wallpaper

By March 3, 2017Design Trends
After a long winter, of staring at the same walls in the same house, people are often in desperate need of a change; something exciting and interesting to look at. But what? It is time to punch up the home with some pattern, but how does one achieve a drastic change in the look and mood of a room without a major remodel?


Floral Wallpaper in dressing room
That’s right, that dirty word that has been feared the past two decades. There’s little wonder why it was so feared when one would practically have to build new walls after scraping them free of the superglue that was used to hold this decorative element up. 

Tremble no more: this issue is no longer the concern it once was. Wallpaper has come a long way since the pastNow there are even brands out there that offer removable and re-hangable options without all the ooeygluey mess.  The boring florals and paisleys have been brought back to life with bold color choices, and geometric, flowing patterns have been introduced. This decor element is no longer boxed into one design style or genre. No matter one’s taste, there is a wallpaper out now that works for them.

Wallpapered ceiling in a dining room

Still concerned about the idea of wallpaper in your home? Here are some tips to get you started:

powder room lighting
  • Start small with an area such as a powder room or a ceiling. These two areas will usually require less paper to get the job done, and you can dip your baby toe into the wallpaper trend.
  • Find a paper that compliments the room. If a room has 8’ ceilings and 4’ width walls, It is not advisable to use a pattern with an 8’ repeat. Try a smaller scale pattern. If a room is large, try to find a larger scale pattern, so it fits in the room, where as a smaller scale pattern can get lost.
  • Make sure there are good stopping and starting points. Wallpaper that falls within trim work always look the best. It looks intentional and that it was framed out. It is ok to stop paper in corners, but make sure there are clean cuts.
  • Think outside the walls – Wallpaper can be used everywhere! Bookcases, ceilings, to line drawers and shelves, to cover furniture, to cover books. Don’t be scared to try something new!

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