Why Do I Need a Rug in My Space?

Rug defining space

People purchase rugs for a number of reasons, but some don’t even know all of the benefits that these beautiful pieces provide. For starters, rugs and carpets are often efficient dust-collectors (ewww—right??). That’s right! You move into a beautiful new home and pay extra for those hardwood floors, only to find out that they need to be swept every single day to keep the dust way. However, lay down your area rug, and you will see a lot less dust on those shiny floors! You will still need to sweep your floors and definitely vacuum the rug, but the appearance of the messy house is in fact a lot less visible.

Rugs and carpet also provide ambient noise reduction. Think of yourself walking around on the wood floors in those killer stilettos. Now, imagine doing the same thing across a rug; a lot quieter, right? Of course! They also absorb sound, so you will not hear every echo or vibration bouncing off of your floor. The rug will help absorb residual noise.
Of course, the original purpose of putting rugs down was to warm up the cold floors. Rugs started as nothing more than animal hides being tossed on the floor to keep people’s’ feet warm in the colder months. Who would have thought during those times that this action would become a huge décor trend in 2017? Look how far we have come!
Warm faux fur rug

My favorite reason for adding rugs to spaces is to add color, texture and pattern. All of those other reasons are great and practical and I am on board…However, there is still a design element that we have not even scratched the surface on!

Rug defining space

Define space: with more open floor plans, and a lot less walls in our homes, we need to define our spaces. Let’s not just have one continuous room called the kitchen-foyer-living-dining-office. I very rarely have a client who says, “Can we just add a wall here to separate the space?”. So, instead of adding walls, we add rugs. They outline a room, where our walls used to.

Add color and pattern: In case you have had your eyes closed navigating through my website, portfolio and my social media channels, you may be able to tell that I am a fan of color and pattern. I also like to change things up (often), so I stick pretty neutrals on my furniture selections and punch up the colors and patterns with rugs, pillows and accessories. Rugs can add so much color to a room, you can build a whole fun space just around what you have on the floor.

Bright Turkish rug
Soft, comfy rug

Comfort and warmth: Along with all the color and space defining features of an area rug, there is still nothing that feels better than stepping out of the shower, or your bed in the morning and putting your bare feet on a plush rug. Rugs protect cold feet from a hard floor, protect our babies heads when they are learning to walk, and are a cozy place to curl up on the floor with our favorite fur babies.

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