Happy National Relaxation Day!

Zen Master Bathroom

Happy National Relaxation Day! These days there is a national holiday for just about everything and I am a big fan of celebrating and very rarely need a reason. When I learned that today was National Relaxation Day, I jumped at the chance to partake in the festivities, grabbed my slippers, and started compiling a list of all my favorite relaxation tools for the day! 

If you watched Scene on Seven this evening, we have created a list where you can find all of our favorite tools for the most relaxing evening! 

One of my favorite places to go for relaxation is obviously the spa, but when I can’t get there (the other 354 days of the year), I create a spa-like atmosphere in my own home!

Zen Master Bathroom


I think just about every one of us probably still has at least one towel from our college days.. I implore you to start your relaxation day right and get some new towels! These Micro Cotton towels are EVERYTHING! They are honestly so soft and plush and I don’t know how I lived without them! I always go for clean, crisp, white towels, but they come in an array of colors.

MicroCotton Towels
Purifying Mask


Before getting into the tub, I usually start with a face maskThey are usually made to give you a more radiant and youthful glow. After a long week at work, and chasing after the two little peanuts that live in my house, I will try anything! The HydroPeptide Purifying Mask is just the trick. Maybe someday I will have time for that spa facial!


Mask is appliedmake sure your cocktail is in hand! I am usually a wine girl, but I love these Sparkling Ice drinks in the afternoon when my sweet tooth is calling! They have no caloriesno carbs and are a great alternative to soda. When I went to their website, I found that they have cocktail recipes too! My sweet tooth was satisfied with this magic relaxation elixir.

Sparkling Ice

Draperies are my favorite part of a room. This is an item that I truly believe you need to splurge on to get the best fit for your home. If you are not ready to splurge on those draperies, or you need a temporary alternative, these Eclipse Lorcan curtain panels recently caught my eye. All of the yarn that was used to create these drapery panels was made from…wait for it……. recycled plastic bottles! I was shocked when I felt how soft they were! Not only do they look good, they are also machine washable. Did I mention they are made from recycled plastic bottles??? If you can’t splurge, at least you can relax knowing you did something awesome for our environment right? 

Light Blocking Curtains

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