Full interior design office shot

I started Dwell Chic Interiors in 2011 at my kitchen table. My husband and I were getting ready to start building a house. I was in school for Interior Design, and I decided I had way too much free time (ha). The kitchen table worked great for the first year, and when we finally moved into our new home, I graduated up to the counter. As the business began to grow, so did the paperwork and the number of tools I needed at my disposal to run it. My husband implored me to find another room to run my empire, so the guest bedroom was the next place to move this venture.

And so, I moved my budding new career to the corner of our house. I had more than one procrastination-day, thinking of what my new office was to look like. Finally, I decided that this was my space, my office, and my business so it was going to look like I wanted it to look: fabulous, just like my design style. One tiny problem…my husband thought that my growing company should be the one to pay for my new fabulous office….


Big ideas take some money and some time, so it took a few years to get my space just right. I wanted to make sure that if I had reps or clients come over that I would be able to take meetings. I needed to make sure it was functional; interior design samples can be a nightmare to keep organized. I also needed a space that was beautiful and that I was proud of, that my creativity was not constantly interrupted by an unsightly view.


Finally, my space is there, complete and perfect. Talk Magazine even called me to do a story on it and take pictures. It is a wonderful reflection of my business and design style, and just 2 months later…we got a showroom in Greenville, SC!

Coco Chanel on originalityWallpaper Rainbow

But back to the home office!

What does an interior designer do in her new space? Well, we start from scratch. Starting with the things I love: wallpaper, pattern and color.

Scented Candle

I have a love of wallpaper, the more the merrier. Patterns on top of patterns on top of patterns are the way to go. For clients who swear they are not into wallpaper, I make sure we sneak it in somewhere. While I loved my gold peacock feathered ceiling, I had bigger and better plans for this space. We took down this gorgeous paper, and started with some paint and some trim work.

Wallpaper combination

After the trim work was installed, it was time for my wallpaper. Two different wallpapers to be exact: Phillip Jefferies and Schumacher Trellis.

One Kings Lane ottoman

My color inspiration started with this beautiful find from One Kings Lane. I ordered it and it sat in my new space for months. I loved the color combination and bold pattern. Ultimately, it was not meant for this space, (so it is now for sale here) but it served a great purpose and provided a jumping off point for an entire room.

The next two components were need based, so shortly followed: Bookshelves and Draperies

My antique bookshelves came from a store closing in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. I had been eyeing them for months during trips back and forth to the beach. I made a trip one early May morning and the owner told me they were closing! I had to snatch these beauties up before it was too late.

My draperies were another vital part of not only the design, but the functionality of this room. The morning sun beat into this room so bright that I could not see from the glare on my computer screen. Something had to be done, and these Green Trellis panels with gold and acrylic hardware were just the ticket.

Antique bookshelves
Schumacher Zanzibar Trellis draperies

I slowed down a bit after these two purchases. I had a baby on the way and clients to serve, so the office could not always be on the top of my list.

Once I came back from the shortest maternity leave known to man, I was ready to work, and ready to finally get this space complete. I knew there were three main pieces left to make this all work: a light fixture, a rug, and a kick-ass chair.

Light fixture
Over-dyed turkish rug

I had been eyeing the light fixture for some time; the colors worked, the design was perfect, so that took no time at all. The rug was a little more difficult because I had been told by several vendors that large, over-dyed rugs were not easy to find. Cruising Americas Mart, I was lucky to snatch up both.

At the end of the day when my feet were tired and I was exhausted from a long weekend at Market, I went to the Taylor Burke Home Booth to kick up my feet and meet with some of my favorite ladies. While lounging in their Kings Grant chair I thought that this was beautiful and stately and the ladies offered me a superb deal if I took it that day! I loaded up my car and knew that my new place was finally complete!

 Adding my gold accents all around the room offered the little bit of glam required, and finally I feel right at home. On to the next office….

Taylor Burke Home custom upholstery chair
Before photo of office ceiling


Here’s a peek at what the ceiling looked like before the home office renovation!

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