Your home is probably the largest investment you will ever make. The price of schooling, cars, and basic needs are all rising, however, a person’s residence still remains at the top of the list of expenditures one will make in their lifetime. However, in the age of DIY, Pinterest, and HGTV, many people will sit back and think, I can do this myself, I don’t need an interior designer. There are many misconceptions about this industry I love so much, and many people are scared to just reach out and ask questions, or properly research what an Interior Designer actually does, and how they can help make your largest investment more valuable.

It is amazing the amount of times I hear that interior designers are too expensive, yes I charge $250 for a paint consult, but during that paint consult we can pick every color and sheen of paint your house requires in less than two hours. Once you add up the paint, brushes, materials and labor of your painter to come to your house and then double that if you use a color that does not work, my fee has been more than paid in time and materials costs, let alone the time and stress you save having your favorite serene room painted neon yellow.

When people say that they can find every product a designer can online, it is false. Many trade reasources are still that, only offered to the trade, so you can search high and low for some particular products online, and you will not find them without going through a professional interior designer. These products are also not always the custom made, $10,000 sofas you would expect, they are often times high quality, reasonably priced pieces that will last in your home for years to come.

Some resources I use are not exclusive, and are available from online retailers, however, when my clients have compared prices with online sources, they have found my prices to be lower, and they have Dwell Chic standing behind every product delivered.  I can also handle any damages or mistakes in shipping.

Access to Qualified Workmen

Interior Designers work with multiple electricians, installers, cleaning companies, moving companies, contractors, all of which we have ongoing relationships with, and continue to use for multiple projects, so you can be assured when a trade comes into your home, they are backed by your interior designer.


Whether you hire your trades yourself or through your designer, you can be assured that your interior designer has your back. They know what the contractors need, and when things need to be provided, they check behind your trades to ensure things are done properly, and know quality workmanship and what type of quality is expected from vendors.

3rd Party Conflict Remedy

Feuding with your spouse about which direction the sofa should go? Your contractor saying that he can’t hang a light fixture where you want it to be? This is where an Interior Designer can be your best friend/marriage counselor/judge and jury. The amount of times I have sat in a room with a feuding husband and wife, it too often to count, but the best days are when I am able to offer solutions that both parties agree on and are happy in the end. Forget who won the last argument, a designer’s job is to ensure you come to the best decisions for your largest investment.

Paint Deck

Knowledgeable, Educated and Detail Oriented

Besides the fact interior designers go to school for years learning our trade, we are also in the field every day solving problems, learning, and updating ourselves with the latest and greatest ideas in the field. We have used that paint color that looks grey, but when painted on walls with limited sunlight appears purple. We have ordered from that vendor who says something takes 6 weeks when it takes 12, and we have found the best of the best products around to bring into your home to save you time money and stress when it comes to your sanctuary.

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