2018 New Year’s Resolutions

By February 14, 2018Ask the Expert, Giving

I know I know, how long will these actually last, right? Forbes estimates that only about 8% of New Years’ resolutions are seen through. My guess is, the 92% that supposedly fail probably do so because people just don’t want them enough.  My goals for 2018 are not to lose weight or to clean out every closet in my house; nor I am giving consideration to foregoing those bad habits of wine, cheese, and coffee that I love so much! Those aren’t things that I really want enough to accomplish, so why set myself up for failure? When compared to years passed, my goals this year seem pretty simple:

Create 52 Blog Posts:

Notice how I did not say blog every week or even write 52 blogs, only that we will continue to post content on our blog this calendar year for our loyal clients, followers, and friends in order to give them a sneak peek into what is happening at Dwell Chic, and our lives behind the scenes.

Share 52 Home Cooked Meals with My Family:

Photo By: Nathan Gray/Staff with Upstate Parent

Let me clarify: a home cooked meal consists of sitting down together and being not only physically, but mentally present. This means no phones, no television, and no matchbox cars! Now this may sound simple, but with little children and crazy work hours between my husband and myself, we just don’t get the opportunity to sit and enjoy each other as much as we’d hope! So that is our goal: more family time and more delicious cooking (which I think may be my responsibility, so god help us all!)

Give back, and Share our gifts:

I’ll start by explaining that I am not a cryer. So unless I’m pregnant, you’ll rarely see me red and teary-eyed. I tell you this to convey the shock I felt when  I began openly weeping in my car recently while listening to an interior design podcast. The podcast (linked here) features Susan Wintersteen, the Principal Designer and Owner of Savvy Giving by Design, as its guest. Susan is a super woman Interior Designer, mother of 5 daughters, and retail store owner all while running her non-profit organization that “provides comfort, support, and healing to families with a child facing a medical crisis by transforming the interior spaces of their homes at no cost to them.” Savvy Giving is an AMAZING organization, and is one that makes it so easy to help through either the donation of money or items pre-selected by the designer for each specific project. In the long term, I would love to follow in Susan’s footsteps and open a chapter of this organization here in South Carolina. Until then, my resolution for 2018 is to support this cause in any way I can, while also learning more about what I could do in our area to help similar families going through crisis.

Photo from Savvy Giving by Design Website

So that’s it people, short and sweet. I’m not promising the world, but am making these commitments to you, my family, & myself to turn these important goals into habits that will carry through 2018 and beyond. The reason I am also sharing these here is so you can help to hold me accountable! (So please do!)

Cheers to 2018!!

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